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Here, take it.

What is it?

A pill.

No thank you.

You need it.

Come again?

Trust me, you want to take it.

Who are you?

That is of no importance at the moment.

Do you expect me to simply listen to a complete stranger,
who is frankly somewhat disturbing, by that I mean you.

I heard you asking for it and not once.

Setting aside that unfounded accusation, are you stalking me?

I guess you can say that.


Don't look so socked, you've always known I was there.
You even found that comforting at times.

What on earth are you going on about?!

Look at me.
Don't I look even remotely familiar?

I am leaving!
If I see you following me or if I ever see you again!
I.. I'll...
I'll kill you!

Do as you see fit, but you can't kill your past.

Stop playing mind games with me!

Well you can't, at least not without me.

Wha.. What?
I'm whole with my past, now please leave me alone.

You said you were the one leaving.

I was. I want to, but it's like something is holding me here
and the scariest part is that I'm not entirely sure it's against my will.

It's nothing to be afraid of, I have this effect on people.
Making them question, wonder “What if?”
and dwell in the life the could have lived.

I still don't know who you are.

I asked you to look at me, can you do so now?

What am I supposed to see?

You tell me.

I see.
I see...
I see a woman.
A woman, wearing an earth-tone sweater
with a touch of light-grey and dark-teal stripes running the width of it.

Good, What else can you tell me about her?

The sweater, it's, it's not whole I mean it looks like the top had been
widened, roughly cut, with scissors by the looks of it.
One of her shoulders is showing.

And the woman? What does she look like?

Black hair, wavy with a tendency to form distinct groups.
-   Ohh how I remember that it only looked black at first glance,
it was really a dark almond shade and she didn't mind it grouping
in fact she liked that.
She said to me once that it made her feel like one of her drawings
and that she almost felt 'honoured', honoured at the thought
that someone will take the time to draw a portrait of her. -
Wait. Who, what, how did you do that?!

You sound like you know her.

I do but I though I was 'over her' ages ago...
How.. How did I see her “in you"!?
What are you!?

Isn't it obvious?

I am regret.
Yours to be exact and I'm here to offer you a way to forget,
a way to erase your greatest regret.

A way to forget?


The pill...
Does it do what I think it does?

I call it “memofree”.
It offers the ability to recall a memory for the last time.
Be careful, as it is doesn't simply bury the memory but destroys it completely
without a chance of recalling that memory ever again.

How can you be so sure of that?

It not only erases yours but all of those associated with it memory's as well.
It is as if it has never happened and in a way it didn't.
Now open your palm and let me see how it reacts to your current
state of mind, It changes colour with respect to the person holding it.

Where is it?

I handed it to you.

No I mean, it's in my hand I can feel it but I can't see it.
It's invisible.

I've never seen such behaviour!

I know what it means and I've said so before,
“I'm whole with my past”.
As much as it can sometimes hurt and pinch the soul
I would never want my life to be completely without her.
Even though now it is basically just that, I'm happy.
That experience, she, has helped in the shaping of who I am today.
She gave me more than anyone can ever take
and for that I'm eternally grateful.
-  My one and only true regret is, that I never got the chance
  to tell her just that.
As the sky turned pale pink
and the grass now glowing red.
I stayed indoors had nothing seen,
as the rest rushed out of bed.

Somewhat common that is of me
and so did others thought.
No use wasting time and effort,
"that battle has been fought".

"Come quick!" I hear
and a thud upon the door.
"A parade of raining sunshine,
must mean something more!".

Lily hid some in her pocket
and hurried up inside.
She had no idea,
that the shine will soon subside.

"One, two, three. turn on the lights
and I'm nearby so unlock".
Only I and Lily knew,
that was our secret knock.

With good intentions and some
hope I made my way on through.
What once was full of many,
now has none but a few.

Unlocking with the key
and its heavy brass core.
Both reminded me of you,
when I wanted nothing more.

Muffled words and maybe
"I don't know for how long!".
Are the ones that I had pieced together,
the rest were not as strong.

"I brought you happiness!!" said
and reached into her coat.
What she found was upsetting,
a lump formed in her throat.

Don't cry sweet Lily
I said and held her close.
None of this your fault Lily,
by then tears were on her toes.

When your heart is raining
and your sunshine gets a little wet.
That's when with rainbow eyes,
I knew I you paid my debt.



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Hello everyone!
To whom it may concern, just a quick follow-up on my previous entry.
I have found be-awesome-or-die has a blog where she continues to update and seems to be pretty active.


I  wanted to thank those who cared.

The Remains of the Day by martaraffThank you.

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